Best way to REALLY Unlock your iPhone 5

by Admin on August 4, 2013

Hey all!

Hope you are good! I just wanted to explain a little more and tell you what is the best way out there to unlock your iPhone 5. If you want to use a different sim card and different carrier, you have come to the right place!

Unlocking your iPhone 5 should be a quick, simple and safe tasks. Unfortunately, a lot of sites are scamming people by overcharging and selling unlock solutions that don’t even work! Some of the stuff that does work takes forever…. This is not how an unlock should work at all. So that’s why I want to give you a quick overview about “unlock methods”.

First, here is some of the stuff you should stay away from:

Software Unlocks

Software unlocks for iPhone 5 simply do not exist. This is a complete scam in an attempt to get your credit card or bank account number. I have actually done this two times. The first time around I thought I had just stumbled across one bad egg. The second time, I learned my lesson – iPhone 5 software unlocks are a complete scam by unscrupulous people who just want to take your money without giving you any service. Avoid at all costs.

Hardware Unlocks

Hardware unlocks work by giving you an alternative sim-tray to put your sim card in. These worked on iPhone 4/4s but not on iPhone 5 ever! Besides, even if it did work – the sim trays are a little thicker than your normal sim trays… They tend to mess up your iPhone and completely void your Apple warranty. And like I said – they never work for iPhone 5! If someone tells you it works, they’re lying. And besides, even if it did work it would takes 3 weeks to ship from China, and would void your Apple warranty.

Here is what works:

Network Unlocks (IMEI Unlocks)

Apple has a global database of IMEI numbers (each iPhone has a unique IMEI). In an IMEI unlock, the database is accessed and your phone’s registration is added to a list of phones that can be used with any network. Super awesome, huh? It’s easy, won’t void your warranty, and won’t damage your phone! You will get a confirmation email when it’s all done, and the next time you connect your phone to iTunes you will get a message saying “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked”. It looks like this:


It is an official and permanent unlock! Your warranty is never void, you don’t have to change the software or hardware on your iPhone. It’s all done through the IMEI database and updated on your iPhone the second you connect. Perfect.

This is how I eventually managed to unlock my iPhone 5, and ever since then I’ve unlocked a few more for friends and family – and tried quite a few different IMEI solution sites. I’m glad to share the best ones with you – before these, the only way you could have your phone unlocked was to pay your mobile phone carrier… and the fees could get quite ridiculous, sometimes around $250!

So after checking around quite a bit, I have found some IMEI unlock companies that really have a good record for what they do. Starting from the top choice and working my way down, here are my best picks:

#1 iUnlock Pro (10/10 the best of them all!)

A friend of mine told me about these guys and I checked them out for myself. I have been grateful to him since! These guys are the absolute best in this field.

Delivery took no time and it was super cheap. I signed up on the weekend… I thought I’d have to wait till the next week to get the confirmation – but the next afternoon (on Sunday!) I already had my confirmation. I connected my iPhone 5 to iTunes and could finally use it on all networks – it was just a nice easy, experience!

Despite being the cheapest, they also have the best customer support team! They were genuinely concerned with my questions and took their time answering all of them, including the dumb ones.

Seriously, this is the best company to deal with if you are trying to get your phone unlocked, no doubt!

Check them out here!


#2 Official iPhone Unlocker (7 out of 10)

These guys aren’t the most reliable, but most of the time their unlocks actually do work. Customer support is almost non existent, as it took 4 days before they ever got back to me. The website is jumbled, they don’t accept most forms of payment and they don’t support several networks that I was interested in. Really the only time I would try with these guys now is if iUnlock Pro was unavailable. I mean, at least I know their unlock would probably work, which is more than I could say about most services I have come across.

Update: I went back to the site to double check my facts after writing this. The site is down. I contacted customer support and will keep you updated on what’s going on and when/ if the site comes back up. DO NOT USE.

#3 IMEI Codes (5 out of 10)

These guys are kinda like iUnlock Pro, but their website is a mess! Customer service isn’t too great either. I really wouldn’t use these guys unless the other 2 I mentioned were unavailable. A last resort really, again only because I know the unlock works.


And just in case that was too much to read:

I know I have bombarded you with information, so here are the main points:
• Software unlocks do not work for your iPhone 5. Don’t fall for the scam.
• Hardware unlocks are iffy. They might work, but are expensive, take forever to be delivered, and will probably void your warranty.
• IMEI unlocks are quick and will not harm your phone. They will also not void your warranty.

So if you are ready to get away from contracts and experience the freedom of using whatever carrier you choose, I definitely recommend iUnlock Pro.

There are other options out there, I am sure. But don’t risk voiding your warranty or getting scammed. Go with what you know works!

Hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!


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iPhone 5 is on a Roll after Retirement

by Admin on October 1, 2013

wk18-7Retirement for some Apple devices do not equate to its end. This goes true for the iPhone 5 who, together with iPhone 4, was cut out from the roster of Apple devices after the launch of the latest iPhones 5S and 5C. Pretty much having the same technology offered by iPhone 5C, it definitely has cutting edge features and functionalities that other smartphones are unable to provide consumers. The is the reason why after the retirement papers and send off was done for the said phone, demands has increased dramatically. Want to know why?

One thing’s for sure: when a device is retired, prices will automatically drop. Just like when a new iPhone is released, predecessors take the place of the next lower priced iPhone model which in turn also takes the place of the next cheaper priced phone and in case of iPhones, the last one gets retired. The trend carries the same practice for a while now.

We can come into conclusion that the newly retired iPhone 4, and especially the iPhone 5, still has in it a not so old hardware technology might began to be sold at a much lowered price compared to when it was the cream of the crop.

If iPhone 5’s price drops halfway from its former price, it will be offered much cheaper than that of leading competitors. If you’re wise enough to choose between smartphones and androids, by far iPhone 5 can easily outrun any device in any competition except for the display which has been the most critical point for some consumers. Apple may have reservations about getting a wider, bigger screen display since this is a phone and if one seeks to get bigger devices, then there are other Apple products to choose from.

Although retiring iPhone 5 doesn’t mean Apple will automatically shut off support for the said phone, being part of the devices supported by the latest mobile operating system iOS 7, it gives a bit of a free hand for the owners of iPhone 5. For one, they can choose to upgrade to iOS 7 which offer a different graphical interface far from its old self.

However, some people have reservations about Apple getting a new face since it now looks like the other smartphones and not the look they have learned to love. Though it does not have the newer technologies explicitly crafted for iPhone 5S, still, many features received advance enhancements and modifications.

In addition, iPhone 5 owners now have every reason to jailbreak their phone and if needed, unlock it. By getting their phone jailbroken, owners will have access to more and more apps available that only the jailbreak community offers. Cydia is a runaway winner compared to Apple’s App Store with millions of apps, themes and extensions to choose from.

If there’s a need to use iPhone 5 on an area where GSM network is a scarcity, one can readily unlock their phone. Once jailbroken they can get a hold of network services the old and much more reliable CDMA network.

With Apple retiring iPhone 5 this early, they have given an early holiday gift to its consumers.

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Now is the Best Time to Jailbreak iPhone 5

by Admin on September 24, 2013

wk17-7During the town hall held last September 10th, in Apple’s Cupertino office in California, the new batch of iPhones, the elegant and technologically advance iPhone 5S and the cheap iPhone 5C has been announced and will be integrated as part of Apple’s iPhone line up. The iPhone 5C was already made available for pre-order last September 13th while Apple 5S was set September 20th.

As what they say, things come and go, and so the older iPhone models. During the said event, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 was retired while iPhone 4S was retained. Although, Apple said that they will still continue to support the newly retired iPhones. Except that it will be limited to what the phone can handle for the new mobile operating system, which has new features integrated.

While it is expected that iPhone 4 will be retired as it has been quite a while since it has been in the market, many wondered why iPhone 5 was removed too soon. The iPhone 5 is just a year old and is the direct predecessor of the latest iPhones. Which is why when rumors that iPhone 5 will be gone and not iPhone 4S, it created a different buzz for the latest iPhone 5C.

When iPhone 5C images were leaked to the public, it proves most of the reviewer’s guess – iPhone 5C is iPhone 5, just in different colors. The new iPhone 5C also took the place of iPhone 4S’ place at $99 on contract for the 16GB storage capacity, relegating the latter to a free offer for the 8GB.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 Now

While the new iOS 7 supports older iPhones including iPhone 5, many of the new features will not be available. Features like the new fingerprint sensor and iSight Camera obviously will not work since there needs to be a hardware upgrade. But since this will be integrated to the new operating system, it will become stagnant. With that, this might generate errors on older iPhone models so might as well remain with the most compatible iOS version which is iOS 6.x. Now here’s the fun thing – jailbreak for the supposed un-jailbreak-able iOS is now available.

Yes – while Apple continues to believe that the previous iOS is said to be completely jailbroken, hackers and programmers just did it. They have successfully created an untethered jailbreak tool for 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 in time before the new iOS 7 beta versions were released. Claims to the be un-jailbreak-able system were all unproven as the only reason of the delay in creating the jailbreak for the iOS versions is the lack of features that will suffice having a jailbreak tool for it. But due to demands from iPhone users who upgraded to the said operating system, jailbreak hackers give in to their request.

Not only did they made it available as a standalone tool, they have announced that all jailbreak tools from the past will be integrated to the latest jailbreak tool that will be released soon after the latest iOS 7 becomes available for download. There is a big possibility that it will become available as early as October.

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What will happen to iPhone 5?

by Admin on September 17, 2013

wk16-9During the launch of the latest iPhones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, it was also announced that iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 will be retired. And it is about time that Apple withdraw iPhone 4 as it has been around since the middle of 2010, making it as one of the longest phone still being manufactured after almost 3 and a half years.

But why retire iPhone 5 and not iPhone 4S? The iPhone 4S model, the successor of iPhone 4, was made available for almost two years now while exactly a year ago, iPhone 5 was just released and yet the latter will be the first one to be terminated instead of the much older iPhone 4S.

In fact, iPhone 5 is considered as one of the leading Smartphone during its release. It has equaled and even surpassed almost all the leading Smartphones in terms of sale success, both during launch and succeeding sales. This is hugely because of the warm reception that people gave to the iPhone 5 which has really made a mark by leading almost all the criteria, categories and features included on phone reviewer’s information sheets. Indeed, iPhone 5 has been a phenomenal star during the week of its launch as it surpassed its predecessor’s pre-orders at a ratio of twenty is to one.

Probable Causes of Early Retirement

There are quite a handful of issues that Apple faced after the released of iPhone 5. One of these is the continued disappointment of iPhone users in Maps app which since its inception with the iPhone 4S has not been getting any positive reviews at all. Another issue is reports on having a weak signal and incompatibilities with different networks in many regions. And it does not stop there, as not all negative comments about iPhone 5 are hardware and feature-based. Remember the infringement lawsuit filed by Samsung against Apple in connection to eight of its patents. Samsung claimed that these patents were integrated on iPhone 5 without their consent.

Effects of iPhone 5 Retirement

There’s only one real effect of having an iPhone being retired. When time comes and wear and tear overruns the phone, there will be no chance you’ll be able to have it repaired by any Apple-accredited service center. This is most likely to result in either you going to a non-accredited service center for repair or buy a new one. Other smartphones, especially those that parts and accessories can be replaced doesn’t have this kind of problem once it’s retired.

Future for iPhone 5

While it was made clear that production of iPhone 5 will be stopped, iOS support and update will still continue. Fact is, iPhone 5 is one of only two Apple devices which will receive a complete support for the new iOS.  This was also announced on the same launching event. Therefore, for those who currently own an iPhone 5, there’s nothing much to worry about. Based on the trend of releasing a new iOS version, it might take a long while before iPhone 5 will fully retire, system-wise. By then, and if the phone is still working properly, owners might think of having their iPhone 5 jailbroken for future enhancements.

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Customer-Initiated Unlock Still a Lot Better

by Admin on September 10, 2013

wk15-5With the release of Apple’s own version of unlocked iPhone 5, Apple intends to offer an alternative option for customers to transfer from one network carrier to another without having to jailbreak the phone. This is in response to iPhone owners’ clamor of making the transfer easier, which is why Apple started selling their unlocked version of iPhone in November of last year. Apparently, it seems that only a few people took the bait. Let’s see why only a few took the risks.

Limited Network Carrier

Currently, there are three unlocked iPhones available in Apple Store, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Apple retained the contract-iPhone with three carriers namely AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. For the iPhone 5, the price starts at $199 to as much as $399, depending on the size of the storage capacity one will choose. A contract-free iPhone 5 costs $649 for the 16GB with an increment of $100 for the next higher capacity, $749 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB. This contract-free iPhone may either be shipped with a T-Mobile SIM card or completely SIM-free, which means that you totally own the decision in choosing the right network carrier for you.

If you choose to have a SIM-free iPhone 5, or an unlocked phone that can be readily used with a chosen network carrier, same with a customer-initiated unlocking, it can only work on GSM networks, not CDMA. And there are only a handful of carriers that offer GSM technology. Much more if you travel outside U.S. as only few offers GSM-based services. Unlike a customer-unlocked iPhone 5, you are assured to get service, whether the area you will visit offers CDMA or GSM technology.

Some people who would like to save money will try to tweak things a bit by purchasing a contract iPhone with either of the three network carriers. Afterwards, they will request to terminate their contract and pay the Early Termination Fee. Once they are free, they proceed to have the iPhone unlocked either thru some service center that offer lower fees or download a jailbreak tool with unlocking ability. This is a proven way to save money in buying an iPhone, and be able to personally choose the network provider.

Other people try to do it this way but opted to have it legally unlocked – meaning going to the legal process of unlocking thru an Apple-certified service center without jailbreaking the phone. Other network providers that offer data plan for iPhones also offer unlocking services; however, more often than not, they charge fees for this process.

Cydia vs. App Store

By unlocking iPhone thru jailbreak, users are able to access Cydia, which offers more apps, more themes and more extensions that cannot be found in App Store. For those who are new to jailbreaking, Cydia is the alternate market to download apps, themes and extensions once you have jailbroken your iPhone. Some of the apps found in Cydia did not pass the criteria of Apple so they looked for other venues to reach iPhone users. You can still retain access to App Store, yet you cannot access Cydia if you do not have a jailbroken iPhone.

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Finally, Apple has already decided to join the fray and sell unlocked iPhones. They are currently selling the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, both unlocked and locked with a 2-year package deal. Let’s talk about iPhone 5.

There are two options when buying iPhone5. The first option came with a monthly contract spanning two years – $199 for a 16GB storage capacity, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB storage capacity. If you decided to purchase an unlocked iPhone, a 16GB storage capacity iPhone costs 16GB $649, $749 for the 32GB while $849 for the 64GB.

A person who would like to get an iPhone 5 that comes with a contract can choose between AT&T, Sprint and Verizon – the same goes for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. If you decide to get iPhones with a contract with these three network giants, take note that these are not unlocked phones; they are tied to the network carrier of your choice. But do not worry – once you decided to have the iPhone unlocked and transfer to another network carrier, your current network carrier is not bound to retain you on their fold. However, there is a corresponding pre-termination fee before one is able to move.

Other mobile service providers also offer unlock service once a customer decides to avail their service. And depending on their current offer, some offers free unlock while others collect certain fees.

But who’s cheaper in the long run?

Others think that by getting an iPhone that includes a contract is much cheaper. Well, think again. This offer is only cheap during the initial purchase which really helps people decide to choose this option simply because the price of an unlocked iPhone is really high compared to offers made by network carriers. But in the long run, accumulated monthly fee plus hidden charges plus other surcharges – can go much higher. These are the fees that make one decide to transfer to a different network provider.

wk14-9Take a look at the package that AT&T offers. Without mentioning specific features and the amount corresponding to it as prices might vary depending on the terms of the contract, current and existing promotions, AT&T offers limited data usage on iPhone contracts and an additional fee will be incurred if you decided to maximize iPhone’s usability. As we all know, most of iPhone’s features are Internet-based, therefore almost everything you do is charged under AT&T.

And there are actually two good reasons why iPhone users change carriers: other network carriers offer cheaper phone packages, and it is much cheaper and easier to use when you need to go overseas.

There is no good reason why it is suggested to use iPhones in the U.S. under GSM network coverage only, but then when one travels to another country, they can easily avail services of local network carrier that runs with a CDMA technology. Thus, iPhone users in the U.S., once they decided to have their phones unlocked, also should be able to get the services of network providers running under CDMA.

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A5 Chip for iDevices

by Admin on August 10, 2013

wk13-8How powerful one’s device is depends on the processor it came up with. With smaller and better chipsets made for new gadgets these days, it’s no wonder our devices now come handy, faster and much better, and 7keeps getting better as days go by. Apple TV 3 and other same generation iDevices were released powered by system-on-a-chip processor called A5 that was designed by Apple Inc. and manufactured by Samsung, replacing the older A4. Aside from Apple TV 3, it is also installed on iDevices iPhone 4S, the fifth generation iPod Touch, the iPad mini, and iPad 2 tablet, of which it first came out with.

A5 chip processor has a listed clock between 800 MHz (iPhone 4S) to 1 GHz (iPad 2) and so advanced that it includes Image Signal Processor (ISP) unit for advanced image post-processing for features and functions such as white balance, face detection, and automatic image stabilization. It also includes a unit from Audience call earSmart for noise canceling process. Apple boasts that the CPU speed of A5 is twice as powerful and its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is up to seven times more powerful that A4.

The A5 chip processor was released in three different stages all made to fit the iDevice it is attached with: (1) the S5L8940 (45 nanometer version), (2) the S5L8942, also called A5R2 (32 nanometer version) and (3) the S5L8947 (32 nanometer single-core version). A newer version, which is not considered as part of the original family, the Apple A5X has a wider memory subsystem and four graphic cores which were only made available in the third generation iPad.

Let us check and compare each A5 chips:

A5 (S5L8940)

This is the first version of A5 chip that Apple incorporated on iPad 2 and later on, the iPhone 4S. It consists 45 nanometer manufacturing process which has 122.2 sq mm of die area and comes with the Package on Package (PoP). The A5 also comes with a 512 MB stacked RAM.

A5R2 (S5L8942)

Released in March of 2012, the third generation Apple TV, the iPod Touch fifth generation, the iPad mini and the revised iPad 2 received the second version of the A5 chip. The chip feature a 32 nanometer fabrication process which has 69.6 sq mm of die area making it about 40 % smaller than the first release. Among the iDevices who received this chip, only the Apple TV 3 has its one core disabled. Similar to the first version, it has 512 MB stacked RAM as part of the package and comes with a Package on Package (PoP).

A5 (S5L8947)

Exactly one year later, Apple released the third generation Apple TV which comes with a much smaller, single-core version A5 processor. Although it is still on a 32 nm fabrication process, it only has an area of 6.1 × 6.2 mm. And unlike its predecessors, A5 chip does not have any stacked RAM included in the package.

As you might have noticed, the hardware of Apple iDevices seems to become smaller and smaller every time a new version is released. This is to see to it that newer iDevices are comparatively easy to use, handy, and much more – powerful.

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Top Complaints against the iPhone 5

by Admin on June 22, 2013

unlock5-wk9After the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, there are lots of negative reviews and feedback that have been reported. The reason behind the unfavorable reviews is the redesign of the entire phone; from hardware to software. Most users considered this as a breakaway from the ‘old fashioned’ iPhone going into the next generation of Apple devices, a totally new line of iDevices.

However, there are no signs of Apple intending to address these issues. A sign that old iDevices are nearing is ‘phase out’ stage, from which the highest percentage of complaints came from. The question: what would happen to older but still in good working condition iPhones?

While it seems that iPhone 5 has been made easier to repair than its predecessors and the battery life doubled, a hardware issue being complained about is the incompatibility of the new charger to be used on an older device.

Since 2003, Apple devices were using the 30-pin Apple Dock connector. The new charger called Apple Lightning connector only works on newer Apple iDevices, such as the 5th generation iPod Touch, the 7th generation iPod Nano, 4th generation iPad, and iPad Mini. Apple defended its move by saying that the new charger is smaller compared to the 30-pin Apple Dock connector. Describing the new charger as having eight duplicate pins on two sides of the plug with digital signal that can be inserted both ways.

Many iPhone users believe this move is about keeping Apple’s legacy of making a new technology and phasing it out after some time, just to introduce a new set of technology. A technological cycle religiously followed by Apple fanatics.

Another issue arising with iPhone 5 is the new app that replaced Google Maps with the release of iOS 6: Maps. The latest mapping application developed by Apple was developed using vectors, thereby eliminating lags for smoother zooming. However, many outraged users reported that they received incorrect directions, landmarks were tagged incorrectly, and poor satellite images. And when Apple apologized for the Maps app problems, the only solution provided was to check with other sites and/or apps that offer mapping services. No immediate update or bug fix was released to resolve the said issue.

Another complaint that arises with iPhone 5 is the quality of photos it produces, which seem to have a bit of purple discoloration. Some iPhone users took notice that this is not as severe as the discoloration in iPhone 4S. Apple responded to these allegations that it is but normal for these ‘effect’ advising not to take pictures on areas directly affected by bright lights. This was supported by studies on different phone’s camera. It was reported that digital cameras on phones suffer from what they called ‘lens flare’ producing a purple effect on images.

Other allegation from iPhone owners is the coating. It is rapidly diminishing showing what’s underneath it, which is aluminum. Apple contested that the accidental removal of coating on aluminum is normal. Some iPhone users with white phone models also reported light-like leaking from behind the screen. Although Apple did not release any statement answering this allegation, many iDevice users noticed that this is also present on all previous Apple devices.

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unlock5-wk2You can unlock your iPhone 5 after you have successfully jailbroken it. What’s even better is that there are jailbreaking tools that you can use in unlocking your device. In the process, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to do it right. There are even times that you will need to downgrade your firmware just to carry on the process of unlocking.

After unlocking your iDevice, you can already subscribe to the network provider of your preference, which ultimately suits your needs. People who travel abroad commonly love this option since they can use a local network of that country. Also, even if you are just staying in your own country, when your phone is jailbroken and unlocked, you may choose not to subscribe with the official network provider of your iDevice. Commonly, these official network providers charge more and if your iPhone 5 is not unlocked, you will have no choice but to use their services.

Also, in jailbreaking, it is always advised that you choose the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5. This is because the tethered jailbreak always requires connection to a laptop or a PC and this is additional hassle when you are on travel. Tethered jailbreak needs your iphone to be connected to a computer every time that it needs to reboot. Before downloading a jailbreak, tool make sure that you are getting the untethered version.

Also, you should know that when you jailbreak, you are literally tampering with the device hardware. The tools for jailbreaking are software solutions that are highly capable of jailbreaking your iPhone 5 in just a matter of few minutes. You don’t need to know everything about an iOS firmware in performing the process. A good jailbreaking tool usually comes with step by step and clear instructions. All you need to do is to simply follow them as you progress with the process.

In addition, jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone 5 allows you to personalize your device. After the process is complete, you can immediately download, install, and use hundreds of wallpapers and themes that are not commonly available at the Apple App Store.

There is no need for you to be worried about your iPhone 5’s safety. This is because reliable software will help you complete the entire process safely. Although you have an option of not unlocking your iPhone after successfully jailbreaking it, it is advised that you do. With the process, you are freeing your iDevice from all the restrictions with regards to its usage as set by its manufacturer and the network provider.

Thus, in spite of the strong opposition of Apple regarding the practice of unlocking and jailbreaking your iDevice, it is advised that you do, so that you will be able to experience the optimum potential of your iPhone 5.

Jailbreaking an iPhone only requires a few easy steps. However, it is important that you find the best jailbreaking tool for that. Online, you can find several websites that sells effective tools for jailbreaking. Before making a purchase, it is important that you make sure that the software is reliable and compatible with your device. These tools do not usually come with a team that you can call for support when things go wrong. So it is best for you to conduct a research and ask reliable people so that you’ll only enjoy the result and never regret anything in the process.

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unlock5-wk8Initially released with the strictest of limitations for Smartphones, iPhone was designed and marketed by Apple Inc in line with the latest mobile technology. However, due to the demand of getting the full ownership of the device, such as the ability to install apps or choosing their preferred network provider, iPhone users resulted to jailbreaking and unlocking their iPhones.

Jailbreaking allows iPhone users to download apps, extensions, and themes which are not available in App Store. The process of jailbreaking permits root access thereby effectively removing the limitations that Apple placed in its iOS. On the other hand, Unlocking is the procedure in making the iPhone available and run using other service providers’ network. Remember, iPhone is tied up with AT&T when it was first released mainly due to the collaboration they have had with the creation of the device.

In response to the growing number of jailbroken and unlocked iPhones and to have the marketability of iPhone reach more people; Apple released their own unlocked iPhone. With iPhone 5, U.S. consumers now have more options to choose from.

Aside from the initial service provider AT&T, Sprint and Verizon now also offers contract deals which is readily available for consumers. With a starting price of $199 for 16-GB, $299 for 32-GB, and 64-GB for 399, the iPhone 5 comes with Black & Slate and White & Silver colors. Consumers also have an option to get unlocked 16-GB ($649), 32-GB ($749) or 64-GB ($849) storage capacity which arrives with a pre-installed T-Mobile SIM but with no contract, or a totally SIM-free iPhone.

This iPhone, though, can only run on a GSM-compatible SIM card and will not work on a CDMA network even when used internationally. Apple guarantees that an unlocked iPhones still has all the features of a regular iPhone without a contract deal from any service provider.

With the new iPhone, you can keep your current phone number from your current service provider provided they run on a GSM network. You will also be asked to upgrade to a package that includes data plan for better optimization and performance, and be able to fully utilize the iPhone 5’s features. If a consumer already has an existing contract with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, they may be eligible for a price discount by going through eligibility checker with their respective service provider.

Also, by purchasing iPhone from Apple Stores, it guarantees consumers a 90-day free telephone technical support including a one-year warranty. An Apple-unlocked iPhone can also avail extension for technical support and repair coverage for two years with AppleCare+.

If a consumer wishes to purchase an iPhone thru Apple Online Store, it may take up to 24 hours for them to receive the phone. For iPhones that comes with wireless service plan either from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, just follow the on-screen process to complete the setup once the phone is turned on.

For the iPhone that comes with a T-Mobile SIM, the customer needs to contact T-Mobile or visit an Apple Retail Store for assistance in activating the iPhone. Or they may readily choose to visit an Apple Retail Store nearby and get the iPhone in just a couple of minutes, already activated. For SIM-free iPhones, a customer needs to contact the service provider of their choice for activation assistance.

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